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Does your transducer Chirp?

With 5 to 10 times greater detail and resolution so precise it’s possible to distinguish between individual baitfish, game fish, and underwater structures. One transducer is all you need for the ultimate fishing experience.

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热博体育 is the primary supplier of ultrasonic transducers to manufacturers of marine electronics for recreational boating, sportfishing, and commercial fishing applications. From our small personal watercraft sensors to our large transducer arrays, AIRMAR products are synonymous with quality and performance.

热博体育 has the most advanced transducers on the market when it comes to fishing. From broadband transducers with high sensitivity to Chirp-ready transducers that can identify fish species at depths that were once unimaginable, 热博体育 is leading the way in fishing transducer technology.

Regardless of your mission on the water we have you covered with every type of fishing: Commercial, Freshwater, Saltwater and Tournament Fishing.

热博体育 B275LHW Trasnducer

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Boating & Leisure

Since 1982, 热博体育 has been providing the most advanced, sensitive and rugged products in the marine industry. Boaters know that our advanced, accurate and highly sensitive instruments and transducers are capable of providing years of service under harsh marine conditions.

Regardless of your mission on the water we have you covered with every type of boating from leisure to yachting.

热博体育 DST800

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Whether it’s extreme sailboat racing offshore, or cruising in an inland waterway, 热博体育 instruments and transducers deliver the kind of performance that sailors respect and appreciate.

Regardless of your mission on the water we have you covered with every type of boating from racing to crusing.

热博体育 ST850

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Oceanographic Survey

热博体育 offers a full line of transducers for hydrographic survey and scientific applications, including models suitable for shallow and deep water survey, sub-bottom profiling and aquatic habitat assessment. Our high-performance, broadband transducers are supplied as original equipment with many survey echo sounder systems from industry-leading manufacturers. When used as replacement transducers for already installed systems, they make the perfect, low-priced, high-value, performance enhancement.

Can’t find the frequency you need in the housing style your prefer? An optimal transducer can markedly enhance echo sounder performance. With over 150 different piezoceramic element and array options and our extensive housing portfolio, 热博体育 can customize an off-the-shelf transducer for your marine application.

Check out our Technical Data Catalog which includes detailed performance information including transducer sensitivity (as a function of frequency), bandwidth, radiation patterns, and impedance data.

热博体育 M563

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